Congratulations Nursie Poo!

Woot! Woot!



Good Morning Sisterdears!  Well, cross your fingers for me – I may have a job!  I got a call yesterday from a place just 10 minutes down the road.  It’s called Woodbriar of Wilmington, a Long-Term Care/Rehab with a subacute floor.  My position would be on the subacute floor which would be great.  I’d get to use some of my nursing skills.  Basically, subacute patients are patients discharged from the hospital that aren’t quite ready to go home yet.  I think it would be perfect for me and the place is beautiful!  It’s a privately owned facility.  The position is 32 hours a week, 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  I don’t know much more of the details.  Basically, I have the job pending my references!  I could be starting orientation next Monday.   I’ll let you know as soon as I find out more!  Hope you all have a wonderful day!  Love SD2, xoxoxo



You’ve got to watch this video, it’s too funny!



I’ve been trying to get WordPress to upload/embed this for hours! Then to further test my patience, I even tried YouTube. OK, enough already! I put it up on my Dogwood Daze blog. Go see!

Is it Wine-thirty yet?

Beatlethings and Rambles

Hello Mum and Aunts,

Today I’d like to survey you on your favorite Beatle and favorite Beatles songs/lyrics/stories etc. as your memories are likely wonderful primary documents of Beatle obsession in it’s heyday…Despite the fact that their music has spanned generations, I’m also fascinated by the hierarchies/drama/inter-member fighting of the band members…Also-haven’t bought or read any books on this yet, (i’m sure there are tons) but I’ve also become fascinated by the hidden nuggets of secrecy injected slyly into lyrics/songs/performances/etc.

 Not much going on at UMass…The mock trial team reconvened yesterday to discuss our plans for next semester/season. There’s a lot of inter-fighting going on on the team but I’m the neutral/quiet/mediator (in true Janice fashion)…The girls are nice but also reallyyyyy catty…One told a colorful story about her friend getting so angry with a male companion in the dining hall, the friend allegedly slammed her ice cream cone into the offending dude’s crotch. Ouch.

So yeah…I keep a working relationship with them and relate a lot better to the guys on the team as they’re more laidback and freaking out less about nonissue “issues”

There was a spectacular/freaky lightening storm that congregated right above Butterfield last night from like 8pm-9pm…Peter, Lazzet and I watched National Geographic documentaries on cults and the unibomber before I retired to my room at like midnight to continue writing my sociology paper…It was a pretty interesting evening.

The sociology paper is actually pretty cool…it’s examining RIAA lawsuits against UMass students caught file-sharing. Since 2003 the RIAA is targeting college campuses in their pursuit of music piracy, as it’s become a nice little defecit-eraser for them in an era of declining cd sales (down almost 20% from last year and have been declining pretty much since the late ’90’s). In 2006-2007 the trade group listed UMass as the 6th naughtiest campus in the nation for piracy…

But no worries, I got wind of this waaaaay earlier this year and, not having $3,000-$150,000 extra bucks to throw the multi-billion dollar entertainment executives, have refrained entirely from downloading music illegally. Hey, who needs it when you’ve got YouTube instant gratification anyways?

Hope everyone is doing well. Comment and let me know what’s new


365 days ago



This picture was taken 365 days ago! Where does the time go?

We are too young to get old! We all take pictures so we have memories! And here it is a year later. I can’t believe it. Yes; it is a very special day for SD4, 10 years ago today, I got a very special present for my birthday! I was in the hospital when I got it too; a brand new perfect baby girl! 6 lbs. 14 oz. Not planned; it just happened that way. I remember I wasn’t even due until the 25th. I had a scheduled c-section on Friday the 15th. There are many special birthday presents in the world but this one topped it off for me… I didn’t have any plans anyway!   

I have a thousand pictures of both my kids’ birthdays’ and many other special occasions. We all save photos, for the memories, and the joy they bring us. I need to take a class just to get them all organized, and labeled. However, over the years, I think the timing of when these pictures actually happened sometimes escapes me. Could this be, because as we age, we forget? Maybe; but isn’t this why we take them anyways; so we don’t forget! Our only instinct at that particular time is to save that moment in time. What a fabulous thought!

But who really cares; how old we were anyways? Where was this? Who was that? And, what year was it anyway? We try and remember to write names and dates on the back too. So, the answers yet may be missing now, but the photo is still there, the moment remains a visual in our hearts forever. So take out your photos and reminisce today; remember that ‘past’ moment in time and the joy it brought you! Every birthday I have to bring out photos, because I sincerely struggle with ‘the getting old thing’. It happens to me every year. Yes, I cry on my birthday. Oh well huh. “Get over it” I tell myself. Everyone has a birthday; I am no different! So, this is my way of getting through it; it’s my special gift to myself.  

Having a birthday is special, and sharing it with your daughter is just grand!

I wish all the sisterdears could spend our birthdays together. Now that would be just perfect!

Have a glass of wine on me this evening!